3D Printing Service

impression en 3D
Imprimante 3D

I can offer a 3D printing service for any 3D files you may have. *
I can print in PLA: Poly Acid Lactic is a biodegradable plastic based on renewable natural resources. It consists of dextrose (sugar) extracted from biosourced materials.


Or in Resin.

* Note that if you have downloaded a file to Thingiverse, My Mini Factoy, Cults or any other 3D model sharing platform, you must provide me with the link of this file so that I can check the Creative Common license.

* Please note that the modeling does not come from me, so I am not responsible for the quality of this one.

Means of payment  :

  • Wire Transfer

  • Paypal - All fees, shipping taxes and customs rights are your responsibility

Thank you for mentioning me for any publication of my creations on social networks.


Feel free to leave a comment on my Facebook page.


Placing a firm order implies acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

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How to contact me?

By Facebook or Instagram.


Or by mail: Darrkarra@gmail.com
With as Subject : Commission